Digital Hour Meters

We have brought to you a large variety of optimum quality alcor digital meters. These are tools that determine runtime and enable it to send maintenance reminders. In addition to this, our offerings are applicable for motors, compressors, and generators power engines. An engine maintenance alert is necessary to guarantee the engine's smooth running. When supply voltage is used as an input, these devices display runtime in hours. Alcor digital meters are efficient in tracking and recording the passage of time. These display the time in hours and tenths of hours. Our offerings can record and ensure adequate maintenance of expensive systems or devices.

Product Image (RHM Modbus)

Digital Hour Meter

Price: 6000 INR/Unit

Digital Hour Meter with Modbus RS485

Product Image (RHM)

Basic Digital Hour Meter

Price: 4500 INR/Unit

Basic Digital Hour Meter

Product Image (RHM UV)

Digital UV Intensity Meter

Price: 15000 INR/Unit

Digital UV Intensity and Run Hour Meter

Product Image (RHM Bluetooth)

Digital Hour Meter with Bluetooth

Price: 6000 INR/Unit

Digital Hour meter with Bluetooth


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